"Hawk Eye"

Volumetric Mixer Fleet Management and Tracking System

The Volumetric Mixer business presents unique opportunities as well as unique challenges. A significant challenge is that of CONTROL. Until now, quality control, inventory control, and the amount billed have been in the hands of the mixer operator.

Hawk Eye Communications opens a window into your mixers when they are out in the field, opening up new opportunities, new customers, and peace of mind.

The key function of Hawk Eye is COMMUNICATION of meaningful mix data and the location of your mixers and jobs.

Hawk Eye Features:

  • A full featured communications system. On line 24/7, using a data contract with your cell phone service provider. You pay only for data transferred.

  • Real time monitoring of your volumetric mixers

Request amount poured at any time
Batch details, including:
- Rock and sand weights
- Cement weight
- Water added & Water/Cement ratio
- Amount of admixtures added
Monitor gate settings
Generate completed delivery ticket at office
- Print it at the mixer
Request a log of mixer usage
Upload programming data to the Hawk
display/control unit
Watch your mixer working. The mixer icon
changes color when conveyor is running.

  • Real time GPS

Automatically updates position at pre-set intervals
Request position of selected units or entire fleet
at any time
Security mode—places a call to your phone if the unit
moves after it is “locked”

  • Hawk Eye “Dispatch Assistant” software

Place jobs on the map manually or with MapPoint address
search engine and edit job details
Jobs are automatically placed on the map when the mixer
moves to another location to pour. This feature tracks
those unwanted “on the side” pours that benefit only
the mixer driver.
Assign mixers to your jobs.
- Track mixers as they travel to the job
- As the job is being done, the amount poured is updated
- Where multiple trucks are pouring at the same job, the
amount poured by each truck is tracked, as well as the
accumulated job total.