Hawk 5

Custom Display / Printout Unit

Mobile Innovations by Hawkridge Industrial Inc.

Hawks are Display/Control Units engineered to provide the Volumetric mixer operator with meaningful discharge information, a batch ticket printout and logging of mixer usage. They are designed to meet the unique requirements of the mobile volumetric mixer operator.

Display functions:

Allows for the programming of 30
mix presets displaying the
following information:

- The compressive strength of the
concrete being poured in US
or Metric units
- The volume of product discharged
in engineering units; cubic yards or meters
- The accumulating weight of Sand, Stone and Cement discharged
- The accumulating amount of water being added
- The correct stone and sand gate settings
- The specified strength of the concrete being poured
- “On the fly” display of water per yard and water/cement ratio

Three lines of the four line display can be set to continuously show any
of the above display functions. The top line displays the mix number
and the compressive strength of the concrete being poured. If another
display function is desired, simply scroll to it.

Printout / Logging functions:

The Hawk 5 will send RS232 serial communication to a printer, serial
cell modem, or computer, providing a hard copy or download of:

- Company information
- Date and time
- Automatically incrementing ticket number
- Volume of concrete delivered in cubic meters or yards
- Weight of stone and sand
- Weight of cement
- Amount of water per unit of concrete added and water/cement ratio
- Total amount of water added to the batch

The logging function puts into memory the details of the last 100
deliveries, which is sent to the printer when the “print log” function
is requested. Logging information consists of; date and time, ticket
number, mix number, conveyor counts, and yards or meters poured.


Simplifies mixer calibration. By displaying the amount of rock or sand
discharged, determination of gate settings during calibration becomes
much easier.

The logging function allows the owner or manager to monitor mixer
usage. Every time the reset button is activated, details of the batch
are recorded, helping to eliminate those unwanted “on the side”
pours that benefit only the mixer operator.

A printed batch ticket will satisfy the requirement of customers and
engineers who require it.

The menu system allows the operator to configure the display to
show the desired features and information.

Display and printout of water details applies only when the unit is supplied with an optional in line water meter.