Innovative Solutions for
Volumetric Mixer Operators

Supplying innovative products and services to the Volumetric batching, concrete supply industry.

Hawkridge Industrial Inc. has developed the "Hawk series" of microprocessor based display/control units, engineered to provide the volumetric operator with meaningful discharge information, printout, download and logging capabilities, accurate closed loop control of an admixture injection system, and more. Tired of losing profits to drivers who like to do those "on the side" pours that benefit only themselves? The logging function holds them accountable for every yard of concrete poured.

Hand written tickets becoming a problem with customers and engineers? Our printed ticket provides essential details of the batch - digitally linked to the mixer. The weights of aggregates and cement, the amount of water, water cement ratio, and more are all available for printing.

All in a robust, specifically engineered, cost effective package!